Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

How to choose the best pillow for stomach sleepers-Introduction

Best pillow for stomach sleepersStomach sleepers are people who find comfort and satisfaction upon sleeping on their stomach. Although this is a very common sleeping position, sleeping while lying on your stomach could bring about all sorts of complaints such as postural pain, indigestion and other chronic aches and pains and therefore one of the best ways to help stomach sleepers avoid these predicaments is to use pillows made especially for sleeping on your stomach. In this post we will help you to choose the best pillow for stomach sleepers.

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Let’s check TOP 3 best pillow for stomach sleepers we picked

1. The Pancake Pillow – Adjustable Layer Pillow. Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height. Queen Size Luxury Pillow
2. Slim Sleeper Memory Foam: Best Flat Pillow, Thin, Low Profile, Cotton Cover, Short Loft Is Only 3 Inches. Great for Back, Stomach, and Side Sleepers
3. Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers w/ Cotton Casing – Made in the USA, Standard

Types of pillows for stomach sleepers

There are a lot of pillows to choose from to ease the pressure off your stomach and avoid risks. Types of pillows differ from the material used to manufacture pillows to the level of comfort and finally down to the price.

Foam pillow

Foam pillows are the most common pillows available in the market for people who sleep on their stomachs. It is soft, easy to maintain and is cheap too. Foam also easily molds to your body and depending on the density, will be able to support important parts of the body like the neck, head, spine and pressure points found on the upper and lower extremities. However, as foam is easy to use and versatile, it could easily lose its shape when used over time. Therefore if you are looking for long term comfort, a foam pillow may do well but not for long.

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Memory foams

Memory foam is amazing foam that could mold around the body part and then remember its shape afterwards. And since it is able to do so, it secures the body part like the neck, shoulders, back and the sides carefully especially for stomach sleepers. This great reason is also one of the reasons why it is also used in mattresses, support pillows for pregnant women and so much more. Memory foam is an amazing discovery; however the only downfall is that it costs too much to purchase.

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Latex pillows

Latex pillows are firm and could easily support different body parts. Comparing different kinds of pillows to latex, it is a pillow that can resist mold growth and dust mites. The foam itself is very easy to contour making it ideal to use in any kind of support.
But as latex pillows are very efficient in supporting the body especially the back and head, there are a few disadvantages. Sometimes the pillow is too stiff to use and of course this pillow is also very expensive compared to ordinary foam pillows.

Wool and cotton pillows

Wool and cotton pillows are traditional types of pillows that are easy to use and are very easy to purchase too. However wool and cotton becomes packed or firm when used after a period of time making it inefficient to provide comfort and protection over a particular body part. Your pillow gets firmer and firmer and becomes more uncomfortable as time goes by.


A pillow made of downy feathers is also a traditional way to support the body as it sleeps. The best parts of using downy feathers as a pillow is that you can easily move the stuffing around when you need to and you can be rest assured that aches and pains will be reduced since downy feather pillows are soft and firm and is able to provide the best support when you need it.


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Who needs to sleep on their stomachs?

Sleeping on your stomach is relaxing and comfortable and if the right pillow is used, he will be able to enjoy the benefits of this comfortable sleeping position.

  • Young children may find sleeping on their tummies more comfortable and soothing. Growing children need adequate sleep each day to be able to develop intellectually and physically. Sleeping on their stomachs could also reduce gastrointestinal disorders like gas, cramping, abdominal pains and so on.
  • Adults could benefit from sleeping on their stomachs since it is very soothing and relaxing. Just like yoga, sleeping with your stomach straightens the spine and helps ease pains that may result from the shoulders, hips and the extremities. And not only young children need adequate sleep. Adults also need ample time to sleep and to relax to help reduce aches and pains and to improve digestion.
  • Pregnant women are also advised to take enough sleep to help ease on various complaints such as back pains, digestive problems and pains over the extremities. Lying on the stomach when she is just on her first and second trimesters could be easy but once the mother is in her third trimester things become a little bit hard. Therefore instead of advising women to lie on their stomachs during their term she is told to simply lie down on her right side to ease contractions and to reduce pains as well.
  • Women suffering from the effect of menopause may find lying on the stomachs better compared to simply sleeping in traditional positions. It eases symptoms such as anxiety, gastro intestinal symptoms and pains.

How to choose the best pillow for stomach sleepers

pillow for stomach sleepers
Learning all these will possibly entice you to try sleeping on your stomach tonight or may be for a short nap after you have read this article but before you do, do you have the right pillow at hand? Consider the following strategies:

  1. Decide which pillow is the best for you. Consider the level of comfort, the ease of use and the durability of the material. Therefore considering all the following elements, the memory foam mattress may be the best choice for you.
    • Do not worry about choosing other types of pillows; remember that it is a personal choice but of course you could still improve your experience by selecting the ideal pillow.
  2. Check out the various brands for the type of pillow you chose. There are a lot of different brands to choose from and if you have a budget in mind, you may compare brands to get the best value out of your money.Brand of pillows for stomach sleepers
  3. Once you have managed to find a brand to purchase, try to look for this brand in an actual store. If possible, try to feel each brand. Fluff the pillow to arrange the fibers and material; hug it, lie down on it and try to place it on your stomach. Decide which brand provides you with the most comfortable feel as you lie down on your stomach.
  4. Reviews from on-line sources about the best pillow for stomach sleepers may also help. Read as many reviews about the brand and the type of pillow you have chosen and then compare them with other brands as well. Read comparison sites too.Pillow reviews online to buy pillows
  5. Making a decision could be tough and even after a very long process you may still end up with a pillow that is not to your liking. As they say, trial and error improves your choices so if you found out that you are not comfortable with your choice then by all means go for the next best one.
  6. Is your tight budget an issue? By comparing products and ordering them directly, you can save a lot of money. So be sure to compare products beforehand and to order only from manufacturers if possible.Compare price of pillows
  7. Shopping on-line could be tricky especially when you are looking for a stomach sleeper pillow. It is a great idea to watch videos and read articles first so you can find the most suitable pillow to match your needs.
  8. If you are shopping for pregnancy pillows then it is a must to get the safest and the most comfortable pillow at all cost. As always, reviews will help you find the right product easily.
  9. And shopping for a good pillow for a young child should always have safety as the most important feature. Pick one that may be easily washed and one that has removable color so you can wash it immediately after being soiled.

Who could benefit from these products?

People who naturally love to sleep on their stomachs will benefit from these products. And of course people who are trying out this sleeping position for the first time will do so as well. Young and old alike will be able to benefit so much from these pillows and of course consumers will get the best value for their money and ease on spending on unnecessary items that will never give them a good night’s sleep.


A good night’s sleep is a great way to start any day. It helps the body recuperate and improve digestion. And what better way to improve your sleep than to sleep in the most comfortable sleeping position with the aid of the best sleeping companions: stomach sleeper pillows.

And therefore even if you are young, a young adult or a young at heart, there is no excuse for using the best pillow for sleeping on your stomach. There are a lot of types to choose from; choose the type of pillow that will address your needs. And when you are done, it’s time to sleep on your stomach along with the most comfortable pillow you have personally chosen for yourself. Good night!